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Since 2007, Jeremy has been capturing personality on film within the rural Pryor Creek, OK area.  He spent two years honing his craft while working for a well known photographer in his studio. That time paid off. Since being out on his own, Jeremy has expanded his network of clients to include local, regional, and statewide businesses.

Friday nights Jeremy can be found at local football games capturing Pryor High School's action on the field as team players hustle and cheerleaders lead the crowd. He excludes no part of the night's events. The marching band, color guard and riot squad all get caught on film. These photos are featured in our local newspapers.

In 2011, The Pryor Area Chamber of Commerce retained Jeremy as their personal photographer for major area events such as Rocklahoma, D.A.M. Jam and Mayes County Great Days of Service.Almost 2 years ago, an entertainment magazine, 'In The Now,' hired Jeremy to photograph industry artists up close and personal. The magazine covers concerts and live entertainment all over the central United States.

With all these opportunities, Jeremy is consistent with his answer when asked which type of photography is his favorite... private photoshoots.  "They're more relaxed, there is more time to get creative. I can get to know the people a little better which in turn helps me better capture their personality on film. It's just so much fun!"

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